Learn to paint with oils - with Heather Bradbury

Reduce stress, build confidence & feel fulfilled

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Heather will take you along a gentle and rewarding pathway to discover your own hidden talents and creative direction through her courses.

She is a phenomenal photo-realist artist. Revealing to you the secrets of her art practise. This is as close as you can get to a private lesson with a very skilled artist and mentor.

Welcome to your new adventure, painting photo realistically with oils!

Here is a quick overview of my journey & some of what you will find on this site!

"Beautifully presented by, each phase of the course delivers gentle, easy to understand, instructions on how to begin, how to believe in yourself, and how to produce a piece of work that you will treasure. I am immersed in the detail and eager to progress through every stage as it is presented."

"Painting with Heather changed my life. She has given me permission to find a new part of myself."

- Jaqui Hall, Student from Yarra Ranges

"I truly believe that I learnt more from Heather in those few hours, than from any other art teacher I’ve had in the past. She has a clear and understandable method in her teaching that helps you deliver your own unique style. "

- Maria, Student

"My connection with Heather's classes was profound at a time when grief at the loss of my daughter was consuming me. It gave me some joy being creative and I was able to immerse myself in something to quiet my mind."

- Neva, Student

"My passion for art had begun from a very young age and I've always been intrigued to try new mediums. Oil paints were definitely one to explore as they were definitely on my bucket list. I see so many famous artists using oils and I inspire to push myself to the these limits. when it comes down to art; Heather definitely helps me with achieving these goals."

- Jaclyn, Yr 11 Student