This image has quite a story to tell. 

I was scrolling through Instagram - (as you do), and saw a stunning photo of a Mumma koala and her baby!  I totally fell in love with the image, and emailed the photographers to ask if I could get permission to paint it!

They connected back with me and obviously approved. Along with the use of the image we also agreed that a certain percentage of the sale of the painting would go to support Wildlife Victoria.

The photo was taken by  @docsinthewild (check them out on instagram) The photo was taken at the Mallacoota foreshore, which has since been devastated by bush-fires, amounting to an unprecedented loss of wildlife and habitat. A very devastating time for many Victorians and wildlife.

Take a look in the ebook and check out some of the exercises including this one:

"As you look at this image of the Baby and Mother, look into the baby’s eyes. What do you think the baby would be wanting to tell you?"

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